Kimberly trip (March 2012)

Kimberley Trip – 21 March 2012


It was a fresh summer’s morning when we left Bloemfontein to visit our Kimberley Steelwings Brothers and Sisters. We hadn’t gone 5km before we came upon our first Stop-and-Go road works. Although a bit of a pain in the butt, it was a great opportunity to whip out the old “Polisie Koffie” to break the chill of the morning.

As is a Bloemfontein Chapter tradition, we soon ran out of “juice” and had to pull into “Piet se Gat” in Petrusburg, only 70km outside Bloem, to “re-fuel”.










After a few “cold ones” we moved onto Kimberley and met the Kimberley Chapter at the Horseshoe Inn for a few more brewskies and a bite to eat. It was great to socialize with the Kimberley guys and dolls.

























It was then time to go down memory lane so we visited the “Star-of-the-West” tavern in the heart of Kimberley, overlooking the famous Big Hole. This pub was established by the famous diamond magnet Barney Barnato back in 1870 when the diamond rush started in Kimberley. This pub gave refuge to thirsty, tired miners. As legend has it, there was more than just a cold beer on offer for the weary miners. Wink, wink – nudge, nudge – say no more!!!!!! This quaint pub is still housed in the original building which was restored to its original glory in the 1980’s.
























































Right, that was enough nostalgia for one day, so we started our trip back to Bloemies. We decided to make it a genuine “round-trip” so we returned via Boshoff and Dealesville. Once again we soon ran out of “juice” and had to stop at the Boshoff Hotel. After a few more “refreshments” and some good laughs, we moved onto Dealesville and stopped at the “Salt Lake Saloon” for “one” last drink. As you all know, there is no such thing as “one” last drink you are with our Brothers. We were eventually dragged out by our ears, as our Sisters had had enough for one day and wanted to get home to a relaxing bubble bath – without us unfortunately.





































This was a great trip organized by our events Team of Sandra and Andre – Thanks.

I end this snippet with the profound quote from the famous Barney Barnato:










Regards – Vernon [Vice President]

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